OEM Alert setup for JMS queue based on count


Below are the sample alert format which we have received from OEM for Pending/Current JMS message in queue

Event Type=Metric Alert
Event name=server_jms_server:messagesPending.active
Metric Group=JMS Server Metrics By Server
Metric=Pending JMS Messages
Rule Name=JMS Queue monitoring,Pending JMS message


Event Type=Metric Alert
Event name=server_jms_server:messagesStored.active
Metric Group=JMS Server Metrics By Server
Metric=Current JMS Messages
Metric value=3
Key Value=
Rule Name=JMS Queue monitoring,Current JMS message



Follow below steps to configure above alerts.

Login in OEM and Navigate to Setup à Incidents àIncident Rules



Click on “Create Rule Set”


Provide valid Name and description for rule set. Also select appropriate target. You can select “All Targets”; in this case rule will apply on all targets.


Click on the Rules tab, and select Create.

 Select “Incoming events and updates from events”

In “Add Actions” – Select “Metric Alert” for type and “Specific events of type Metric Alert”


As shown above, select click “Add” button to specific metric type

Filter the matric alert for JMS. We do have other matric also like JVM etc which can also be configured based on project need.

Specify appropriate action. With our access we can only setup private alerts but with SYSMAN rights, we do have many other options like

  1. Scheduling alerts frequency
  2. Configuring enterprise level alert etc.

here in this case I have selected the always execute option, but based on scenario you can execute the script based on certain condition.


Review the configuration and save all.

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1 Response to OEM Alert setup for JMS queue based on count

  1. Alexey Milshtein says:

    I followed the steps but not getting any emails for the JMS queues. something is missing. I see messages flying on the bus, pending but nothing triggers the email notification. Am I missing something?

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