BAM report search prompt display dynamic values based on another parameter(cascade style)

We normally see on websites where when we select a value on upper drop down, value from lower drop auto changes based on our selection.

Example – when we select country as India, in state drop down, automatically all the states are populating.

We had to implement same for one of our BAM report where BAM report search prompt had multiple search options like project name, version and operations. now we have to display the search page in such a way where when I select the Project name, respective project version start populating in lower search block and based on project version, I will get operations.

Below is the demo page which shows project name and dependent project version and service name fields are coming as grayed out. When you will select a project name, respective version will populate.. so on..

Solution :-

1. For your report, create 3 filters as shown in below screen shot.


2. Based on your filters, you will see 3 fileds in surface prompts tab.


3. Now click on “change report properties” available under Actions tab for your report.

action page

4.  Here, you will see 3 search prompts options,  now click on “Cascade” button which will show you available option, you can specify the order of dependency and select accordingly.


Save all . Hope this helps you.

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