Installing SOA Suite 12C ( on windows 64 bit machine

Download the SOA 12C installable from Oracle OTN.

This SOA Suite Quick Start Installer for developers is used on all platforms. It includes Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Human Workflow, Oracle Business Rules, Oracle Mediator, Oracle Service Bus, Technology Adapters Oracle Enterprise Scheduler, SOA Spring Component, Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control, Oracle JDeveloper with SOA IDE extensions and an integrated WebLogic Server and Java DB.

Execute the soa_quickstart.jar file . Navigate to your Java home directory and execute below command

java –jar C:\installable\fmw_12.\fmw_12.

After checking prerequisites like swap space,CPU etc, a installer screen will appear.

After installation, this will launch Jdeveloper 12C. Please note – we don’t need to install Jdev separately. This is coming along with SOA installation.

To verify SOA and OSB installation, you can click on new application and search for SOA or OSB as shows below

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9 Responses to Installing SOA Suite 12C ( on windows 64 bit machine

  1. Nameet Nayan says:

    Thanks guys. It was helpful. 🙂

  2. Leandro says:

    The Soa Tier Category does not appear to me!!! somebody help me!!!

  3. Ravi P says:

    Even after installing the Installing SOA Suite 12C (, SOA Tier option is not coming in JDeveloper while creating a new Application. Not sure whats happening as this is not allowing me to proceed!

  4. sudhakar says:

    Same for me, I did the updates, but still not able to see the soa suite in Jdeveloper 12c.

  5. sudhakar says:

    can some one please advice what is wrong here, not able to install soa suite 12c from zip/jar file, nor getting the soa suite tier in Jdeveloper even after checking the updates from help and installed them.

  6. Girish Bhoot says:

    the same happening with me. I installed SOA Suite 12C and installation got completed successfully but there is not option for SOA Suite. Even I installed the SOA Composite Editor from the Help-Check update and chosen the same. till not SOA Suite.
    Can some one pl. help .

  7. mukesh says:

    Hi Guys,

    I hope, It will help you.
    Please check this

    in Oracle Jdeveloper 12C , There a option help ….in help menu select check for updates option and update the version. I the middle check the tools which you want to add then finish.


  8. Dears

    I solved Soa application missing issues by simply updating the jdeveloper 12.1.3
    details from


  9. Keith Fosberg says:

    So — there is NO way to get the SOA editors in jDeveloper 12 without installing application servers, etc.?

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