Oracle AIA UpdateSalesOrder Resequencer monitoring query – O2C PIP

For UpdateSalesOrder resequencer below query can be used to get the count of messages in 0 0, 3 0 and 3 3 state.

select to_char(sysdate,’YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’) time, ‘Update SalesOrder’ sequencer, gs.status group_status, m.status msg_status, count(1)

from PRFMX_SOAINFRA.mediator_group_status gs, PRFMX_SOAINFRA.mediator_resequencer_message m

where m.group_id = gs.group_id

and   gs.component_dn = ‘default/UpdateSalesOrderOSMCFSCommsJMSConsumer!’

and m.creation_date > sysdate -1

About Rahul Jain

Working as an Integration consultant AIA/SOA with around 6 years of experience in integrating, designing, developing software applications. I integrated multiple telecom solutions that include customer relationship management, Billing, Inventory management and order provisioning management system. I am Oracle SOA certified and OCA certified consultant. I am having primary experience in implementing solutions using AIA, SOA, BPEL, ESB and Product Hub for comms. Attended trainings on other Fusion Middleware products OBPMN 11g, SOA suite 11g. Involve in different phases of software Development Viz. analysis, designing, coding and testing of Modules. Also involved in implementing Oracle solution for Telco for maintaining the product catalog i.e. Oracle Product Hub for communications and integrating Oracle Product Hub with CRM and Billing applications. Using this Telco companies can maintain a single repository of all products and then publish these products to end systems with one click. Currently working on integrating Oracle EPPM Primavera with SOA/BPM/ implementation.
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