Adapter db not supported for jca – Error while deploying OSB project using JCA adapter


Recently had a very strange issue while deploying a OSB(11g) project having JCA adapter(fetch data from a DB procedure) using the hudson auto deployment scripts.

The code worked in manual deployment in our development environment were as while deploying using the Hudson build job, code failed during compilation with error “Adapter db not supported for jca”.

While analyzing the issue, we did noticed that JCA file having a reference of adapter as “db” which were causing this issue. After changing this to adapter=”Database Adapter” , this issue is fixed.

Environment configuration:-

1. JDev 12c was used to build the JCA adapter.
2. OSB 11g was used to build and compile the code.

Before changes :

<adapter-config name=”SearchAllData” adapter=”db” wsdlLocation=”../WSDL/SearchAllataAbstract.wsdl” xmlns=””&gt;

After changes :

<adapter-config name=”SearchAllData” adapter=”Database Adapter” wsdlLocation=”../WSDL/SearchAllataAbstract.wsdl” xmlns=””&gt;

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