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Execute SQL query from OSB 11g Xquery file

Hello, below snap shot of code is just for reference. I recently had a requirement where I had to execute a SQL query in XQuery file and same should be returning some result. Eventually objective here is to use an … Continue reading

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Adapter db not supported for jca – Error while deploying OSB project using JCA adapter

Hello, Recently had a very strange issue while deploying a OSB(11g) project having JCA adapter(fetch data from a DB procedure) using the hudson auto deployment scripts. The code worked in manual deployment in our development environment were as while deploying … Continue reading

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Importing certificates in weblogic server

While working on day to day work, I was able to find 2 different way to import a certificate on your weblogic server Importing certificate using key tool over command prompt Importing certificate using KeyStore Service (KSS)   Importing certificate using key … Continue reading

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BPEL Invoke process Error- WSM-07620 : Agent cannot enforce policies due to either failure in retrieving polices or error in validations

Hello, Today while working on BPEL 12c local setup setp, I was hit by an error while testing my service. I was keep on getting error message like below The selected operation process could not be invoked. An exception occurred … Continue reading

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DVM Transformation of a comma separated delimited string input in SOA 11g

Problem statement:- During one of my project, we had a requirement to apply a DVM transformation on a comma separated delimited input string and post DVM transformation send transformed output as comma separated single string value. For example :- As … Continue reading

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Primavera server producing huge amount of Archive logs and causing issue with application

We had issue with our production environment where server was generating huge amount of Archive logs and causing archive logs to fill frequently, which eventually cause shows unexpected error on application server. As an solution, refer below notes from Oracle … Continue reading

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Unable to import DB table using DBAdapter in JDeveloper 111117

Though you might be finding this post silly but trust me I had to struggle a lot to find this issue in one of my team machine. We had installed Jdev 11117 and for SOA Extension Plugin, we was having … Continue reading

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Configure Xming to display OFM installer UI

While running the Oracle installer on unix box, you might see below error message. This is normally come when UI display on machine is disabled. Error: – Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors >>> Could … Continue reading

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OSB Project import error – The jar that is being imported is an unsupported version of the product

This is a very common error you will be seeing while importing an OSB project. You will be seeing this error when you will try to import a higher version of jar file in your OSB which is installed on … Continue reading

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Schedule Blackout in Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) 12c

Blackouts allow Enterprise Manager administrators to suspend all data collection activity on one or more monitored targets. The primary reason for blacking out targets is to allow Enterprise Manager administrators to perform scheduled maintenance on those targets. Login in OEM … Continue reading

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