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Working as an Integration consultant AIA/SOA with around 6 years of experience in integrating, designing, developing software applications. I integrated multiple telecom solutions that include customer relationship management, Billing, Inventory management and order provisioning management system. I am Oracle SOA certified and OCA certified consultant. I am having primary experience in implementing solutions using AIA, SOA, BPEL, ESB and Product Hub for comms. Attended trainings on other Fusion Middleware products OBPMN 11g, SOA suite 11g. Involve in different phases of software Development Viz. analysis, designing, coding and testing of Modules. Also involved in implementing Oracle solution for Telco for maintaining the product catalog i.e. Oracle Product Hub for communications and integrating Oracle Product Hub with CRM and Billing applications. Using this Telco companies can maintain a single repository of all products and then publish these products to end systems with one click. Currently working on integrating Oracle EPPM Primavera with SOA/BPM/ implementation.

Weblogic Thread Pool Configuration

In my current project we were facing an issue where our SOA application running on weblogic servers runs out of Processing Threads when high load coming and resulted in Active Requests piling up and hence degradation in performance and failure. On … Continue reading

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How to track container id belongs to which soa server

Many times we faced an issue where messages piling up in resequencer and from mediator container id lease table we found that there is one container ID which is not getting refreshed (renewal) and holding messages. Now in order to … Continue reading

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Renew or Replace Default SSL certificates of OHS with signed certificates from CA

I have came across a requirement in my project where I need to renew the existing SSL certificates of OHS. Same steps can also be used in case of replacing the default SSL certificates. Below are the major steps which … Continue reading

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Increase logging level of AIA/SOA composite for debugging

Changing log levels of AIA/SOA composites in order to track the payload on each activity of BPEL can be done by two ways; If you want to debug all SOA composites in a domain then to change log level for … Continue reading

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Oracle AIA UpdateSalesOrder Resequencer monitoring query – O2C PIP

For UpdateSalesOrder resequencer below query can be used to get the count of messages in 0 0, 3 0 and 3 3 state. select to_char(sysdate,’YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’) time, ‘Update SalesOrder’ sequencer, gs.status group_status, m.status msg_status, count(1) from PRFMX_SOAINFRA.mediator_group_status gs, PRFMX_SOAINFRA.mediator_resequencer_message m … Continue reading

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Unable to load performance pack. Using Java I/O instead.

While restarting the managed server we are getting below error in the .out logs. But application and everything is working fine. <Error> <Socket> <BEA-000438> <Unable to load performance pack. Using Java I/O instead. Please ensure that a native performance library … Continue reading

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Unable to extend lob segment ***_ODI_REPO.SYS_L0B000 by 1024 in tablespace ***_ODI_USER

Cause: This error usually occurs because of datafile size is completely utilized. Solution: 1. Login to Database using putty or any tool. [oracle@*****F-L01 ~]$ sqlplus 2. Run the below command which will get the file name for the tablespace which … Continue reading

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Weblogic Server Installation

To install Oracle Weblogic server 10.3.6 on windows machine, below are the steps in details with all screenshots. 1. Right click on wls1036_win32 as administrator             Click Done and Weblogic installation is completed and one … Continue reading

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