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Weblogic Thread Pool Configuration

In┬ámy current project we were facing an issue where our SOA application running on weblogic servers runs out of Processing Threads when high load coming and resulted in Active Requests piling up and hence degradation in performance and failure. On … Continue reading

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BPEL Invoke process Error- WSM-07620 : Agent cannot enforce policies due to either failure in retrieving polices or error in validations

Hello, Today while working on BPEL 12c local setup setp, I was hit by an error while testing my service. I was keep on getting error message like below The selected operation process could not be invoked. An exception occurred … Continue reading

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DVM Transformation of a comma separated delimited string input in SOA 11g

Problem statement:- During one of my project, we had a requirement to apply a DVM transformation on a comma separated delimited input string and post DVM transformation send transformed output as comma separated single string value. For example :- As … Continue reading

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Unable to import DB table using DBAdapter in JDeveloper 111117

Though you might be finding this post silly but trust me I had to struggle a lot to find this issue in one of my team machine. We had installed Jdev 11117 and for SOA Extension Plugin, we was having … Continue reading

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Installing Oracle Jdeveloper 12C on Windows 64 bit

Download the JDEV 12c installable file from Oracle Please Note :- Below installation screen shots shows how to install Jdev. This will not support SOA extension like we have in 11g. You will be prompt to below screen Select … Continue reading

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Partial Composites Not Loading On SOA_INFRA domain

Scenario :- We had issue with one of non prod environment where we are running SOA, BPM, ADF application and all of sudden we found during managed server restart, only few of the composites are loading and rest are not. … Continue reading

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java.lang.RuntimeException: Requested audit trail size is larger than threshold 1048576 chars

Error :- Unable to display Flowtrace due to exception while initializing object, please review logs for detailed information. >> java.rmi.RemoteException: EJB Exception: ; nested exception is: >>> java.lang.RuntimeException: Requested audit trail size is larger than threshold 1048576 chars >>> … Continue reading

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Unable to extend lob segment ***_ODI_REPO.SYS_L0B000 by 1024 in tablespace ***_ODI_USER

Cause: This error usually occurs because of datafile size is completely utilized. Solution: 1. Login to Database using putty or any tool. [oracle@*****F-L01 ~]$ sqlplus 2. Run the below command which will get the file name for the tablespace which … Continue reading

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