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Oracle BAM report and DO migrate from one environment to other

Oracle provided an in-built tool (i-command) which is used to import and export the report/data objects from one environment to other environments. This utility will be available under <Middleware>/Oracle_SOA1/bam/bin In order to export BAM report artifacts from one environment to … Continue reading

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Increase logging level of AIA/SOA composite for debugging

Changing log levels of AIA/SOA composites in order to track the payload on each activity of BPEL can be done by two ways; If you want to debug all SOA composites in a domain then to change log level for … Continue reading

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Oracle AIA UpdateSalesOrder Resequencer monitoring query – O2C PIP

For UpdateSalesOrder resequencer below query can be used to get the count of messages in 0 0, 3 0 and 3 3 state. select to_char(sysdate,’YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS’) time, ‘Update SalesOrder’ sequencer, gs.status group_status, m.status msg_status, count(1) from PRFMX_SOAINFRA.mediator_group_status gs, PRFMX_SOAINFRA.mediator_resequencer_message m … Continue reading

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Oracle RCU 12c installation came with some additional features

Oracle utility is coming along with SOA installation and can be found under <Middleware home >/Oracle_Home/oracle_common/bin/rcu.bat or Here RCU is coming along with couple of new features. In previous version we were having only option to create or drop … Continue reading

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Installing SOA Suite 12C ( on windows 64 bit machine

Download the SOA 12C installable from Oracle OTN. This SOA Suite Quick Start Installer for developers is used on all platforms. It includes Oracle BPEL Process Manager, Oracle Human Workflow, Oracle Business Rules, Oracle Mediator, Oracle Service Bus, Technology … Continue reading

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Installing Oracle Jdeveloper 12C on Windows 64 bit

Download the JDEV 12c installable file from Oracle Please Note :- Below installation screen shots shows how to install Jdev. This will not support SOA extension like we have in 11g. You will be prompt to below screen Select … Continue reading

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Configure OSB business service to publish data to JMS queue

Below screen cast will show you how to configure a business service to publish data to JMS queue. Steop  1 – Create your proxy service and after all your business transformation/logic publish data to Business sevrice which will insert data … Continue reading

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